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Company Overview

St Davids Assemblies

St. Davids Assemblies Ltd has manufactured high volumes of precision components for more than 50 years. These have predominantly been bimetallic safety controls and cordless connector systems utilising all of our production techniques.

St. Davids Assemblies Limited is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of precision components to the Automotive and Domestic appliance industries and is a world class organisation qualified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards.

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Quality Assurance

Over the years St. Davids Assemblies has stayed ahead of Customer expectations of ever decreasing prices, on-time delivery and zero defects. The company recognises the need to be flexible to meet the changing requirements of Customers by continually investing in training and up-skilling programmes for all staff.

SDA are accredited 21 CFR Part 820 Medical device manufacture  and is intending to obtain ISO13485 during the next 12 months

We have invested in a variety of equipment including a co-ordinate measuring machine and sophisticated shadowgraph to provide customers with ISIRs and capability studies.

ISO 9001 CertificateQuality Policy

Clean Room Facility

The clean room facility is used to manufacturing products that require a high degree of cleanliness such as medical devices. The HEPA filtered positive pressure air conditioning system.

Materials can be conveyed in from outside of the room on covered conveyors so that there is no risk of contamination and finished products are evacuated via an airlock. In the case of the class 10k room.

We have two clean rooms on site one Class 10,000 (ISO class 7) certified, the other class 100,000, (ISO Class 9), we have FDA 21 CFR 820 for manufacturing of medical devices and are well on the way to obtain ISO13485 (this is a group function lead by the Chris Jago here and Kenton Shepard in Buxton. We are hoping to have this in place by Q1 2022.

Finishing Techniques

Laser marking, inkjet and pad printing are some of the on-site facilities that we have. We also offer vacuum metallising, chrome plating and screen printing in conjunction with our UK partners.


As St. Davids Assemblies is within the Pembrokeshire National Park we take our impact on the environment very seriously and year on year have improved our environmental performance, culminating in our achievement of the highest environmental accreditation in Wales, Green Dragon 5.

In 2004 we were the overall winner of the Wales Environmental Award, which came about due to our need to reduce costs to remain competitive with Eastern Europe and Asia.

We have proved that having an Environmental policy is an absolute necessity in helping to keep costs to minimum and remaining competitive.

Cable & Wiring Assembly

We have the facility to cut cable or wire to any lengths required, terminate or add connectors as required.

Lean Manufacturing

Cellular manufacturing with a lean philosophy has enabled us to have a better customer focus.

Design for manufacture can be a key issue for reducing cost and we pride ourselves on improving customer designs and processes to give more reliable products that are also cheaper.

BEABIntertek 9001CSAUL ListedBritish Plastics FederationEuropean Regional Development Fund