We have an inhouse printing facility as a finishing and value added service. We can offer screen printing, cylindrical printing, pad printing, rotary pad printing and airbrushing. In addition we can integrate laser marking for product traceability into your automation. Typically we consider this service supplementary to our other offerings.

Cylindrical Printing

We offer cylindrical screen printing, and cylindrical pad printing services. These processes are ideal for printing cylindrical surfaces such as dials or rounded vessels. We regularly use this process for printing the legends on cooker knobs.

Pad Printing

Ideal for printing on mostly planar surfaces with a high degree of repeatability and geometric tolerance. Pad printing also allows for the use of printing media unsuitable for other printing processes.

LASER Marking

We can provide LASER marking for traceability and identification on automated projects. This can be useful for reliable legibility for long service life items.


We can provide airbrushing services where traditional printing methods are not viable due to geometry constraints.

Drying/ belt furnace

We are equipped with a selection of furnaces / drying chambers suitable for various small parts, ensuring rapid turnaround and consistent surface finish.