Our Services

  • Injection Mouldings
  • Pressings & Contactings
  • Assemblies
  • Tool Making
  • Project Management
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Inspection


We specialise in engineering polymers which are glass reinforced to give rigidity, good electrical insulation, and resistance to high temperatures. Components may also be flame retardant. Another speciality is producing components made from environmentally friendly polymers such as PLA and Sorona™.

Vertical Machine

We have recently invested in a new vertical ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine. The new machine allows us to precisely match to your specific injection moulding tasks, while still maintaining maximum ergonomic efficiency.

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Our Equipment

We operate several high speed presses ranging from 25 tonnes to 40 tonnes capability, incorporating all the latest technologies.

Our Expertise

We have many years of experience in welding difficult materials such as beryllium copper. Our processes and machines are monitored using statistical techniques.

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Hand Assembly

We have been designing and assembling products by hand since 1951 and have a very good insight into techniques that keep assembly times to a minimum.


Since 1994 we have invested millions of pounds in bespoke automation, which has been tailored to the customer requirement.

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Globally Sourced

We can globally source tools and materials utilising our sister companies in China and India, we have two partners we currently work with in Asia. However, the vast majority of tooling is manufactured either in St Davids or utilising our UK supplier base.

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Design, Prototyping & Production

Project management is one of our strengths, from help with product Design For Manufacturing though prototyping to final production we can work with your team to ensure time to market is reduced to a minimum.

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St Davids Assemblies has the expertise and resource to deal with your manufacturing requirements through new product innovation. Where more complex designs and parts are required we have inter-group facilities to call upon for 3D Prototyping.


Using a Solid Works CAD package and 3D modelling together with CNC machining we can quickly design and manufacture prototype tools and prototype parts.

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Precision Component Inspection

St Davids are able to offer precision component inspection reporting utilising up to date software package combined with a CNC CMM machine facilities at a competitive sub-contracted cost.

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