March 21 - 40t universal machine installed

SDA have intalled a new 40t universal Arburg has been installed, this will be part of a six figure investment to automate our T switch production line to allow us to imporve delivery of a thermostatic protection switch that is prving very popular particularly in Asia

March 21 - two new machines ordered

Two further machines ordered,- 80t demag and a 200t arburg, the 80t machine will replace an old 85t Arburg and the 200t Arburg will augment our capability and add capacity in the 200t machine range whoch will improve our on time delivery.

Two Shot machine installed - Feb 2021

St davids have installed a refurbished 200t Arburg machine today required due to new business gained in the last three months

New Demag 100t Delivered and Installed Feb 2021

St Davids are pleased to annouce the order and installation of the first of Two new Sumitomo Demag Injection Moulding Machines, the first 100t machine was delivered yesterday, the second machine 280t will be delivered in May 21, this increases the machine count and is due to expansion of the business

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